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Hello Wood Project Village. Photos Tamás Bujnovsky

Work hard and play hard in the Hello Wood Project Village

CSÓROMPUSZTA – In this year’s edition, the participants finalised a series of pavilions to create a viable village structure.

Football Capsule by Bord Studio. Photos Gyorgy Palko

Bord Studio bottles a big atmosphere into a small stadium

BUDAPEST – The building’s namesake previously played for his home town and his country but the architect has another name for the 5000-seat stadium: The Football Capsule.


To step into the Wink shoe store is to walk through its brand

BUDAPEST – Kissmiklos turns the Wink flagship store into an exploration of footwear retailer’s brand identity with a walk through the colours and lines of its logo.

The transparent, glossy and polished foyer nudges between...

Sauflon Innovation Centre by Foldes Architects

Green-tinted bridges – cutting across a double height white-cube lobby – are not what you would expect when imagining a Hungarian factory. Conjoining a high-tech production plant with an …

The volcano visitor centre is in Celldömölk, Hungary , 200km west of Budapest.

Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center by Foldes Architects

CELLDÖMÖLK – A barren landscape in Celldömölk, Hungary seems a fitting location for a volcano centre.

Only two elements have drastically revamped the space: light bulbs and layers of textile.

Benedictine Concert Hall by Dániel Baló, Dániel Eke and Zoltán Kalászi

A Hungarian boarding school's gym was fitted with a site-specific installation, transforming it from an atheletics centre into a temporary concert hall.

Clamped between two restored warehouses is a new translucent whale-shaped development.

CET Building by ONL

BUDAPEST – A whale-shaped mixed-use development in Budapest clings to older buildings on either side, with the hope to reconnect not only its immediate surroundings but also visitors through its …

With its curving white walls and centrally positioned pedestals, the interior resembles an exhibition space.

Capsula Shop

On the ground floor of a historic building in uptown Budapest, Göske Project realised a bright, futuristic interior for fashion label Capsula.

A 1m thick metal ribbon frames the structure.

Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters

BUDAPEST – Mimicking the shape of a letter ‘a,’ the Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters serves two primary purposes in Budapest.