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Nordic meets Italian in a holistic dining concept by Haf Studio

Reykjavík – Using furniture produced by local designers, Haf Studio creates a concept and interior for Mat Bar that fuses Nordic design with Italian flair. 

House-T by Tsukano. Photo Kenichi Asano

Mark A-to-Z: M is for Minimalism

Whether you live the minimalist dream or are aspiring to become a fervent follower of this philosophy, we can learn a bit more about how to enrich our lives with the minimum.


Four DesignMarch highlights that put the cool in Nordic design

Reykjavik – DesignMarch 2017 showcased an array of works that are big in character, playfulness, and originality. Discover our favourite new designs from the North.


Hospitality destination Oddsson gets dosed in design extremes with a playful twist

REYKJAVIK – Döðlur's hospitality concept for Oddsson takes on a mix of design extremes, putting them in a melting pot and producing a simple yet very powerful idea.

A space that reflects constant movement.

Finnborgi Petursson’s illuminating architecture of waves

EKEAS – An Icelandic artist creates images that are as acoustic as they are visual.

Synodic Tropic is the new collection Tanja Levý, graduate of the Reykjavik School of the Visual Arts (photo: Birta Rán).

On a tropical trip in Reykjavik with fashion designer Tanja Levý during DesignMarch

As an antidote to the lack of sunshine during those deep, dark winter months in the far north, Tanja Levý turned her attention to creative pursuits in crafting her new fashion collection that is as …

The flagship store for telecom brand Síminn is decked-out with Nordic design details.

HAF Studio connects an Icelandic telecom provider with a contemporary retail identity

A retail space designed for telecom brand Síminn by Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir, of HAF Studio, creates a unique customer experience in a contemporary interior.

Inspiration for the Lýsa lamp came from the wild open spaces of Iceland, where cosy interior life is part of local culture.

Julie Gasiglia's product design illuminates with the form of a silhouette

Since living in Iceland, French designer Julie Gasiglia has been inspired by her surroundings to craft the Lýsa lamp, with its clean lines and minimalistic form.

Cycle festival in Iceland is a new platform for art and music that is pushing the boundaries of content and context.

Cycle: new music & art festival as the meeting point for creative worlds

ICELAND – The Cycle Music & Art Festival taking place next month is a new platform of creative worlds, producing and presenting works in the fields of performance art, new music, visual arts …


Auður Inez Sellgren redesigns the apple: growing from the earth, not falling from the tree

A new, nutritional form of fruit has emerged from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, crafted by graduate designer Auður Inez Sellgren. It is called Hið íslenzka epli (which in English means 'The …

At DesignMarch 2015, exhibitors exalted the wonders of nature in their product designs that were on show (pictured: Superfolk's camping stool being taken on an outdoor adventure).

Natural Tendencies at DesignMarch 2015

As spring fills the air in some parts of the world (though, perhaps not yet in Iceland), our thoughts return to the inspirational days of DesignMarch in Reykjavik last month. Products having natural …

Vibrant connections resonated across Reykjavik for this year's edition of DesignMarch, including the sounds of the Infinite String Quartet (pictured).

Colourful Connections in Iceland at DesignMarch

DesignMarch is an annual celebration of design that takes place across the city of Reykjavik for 5 days (and nights). The event presents a wealth of Icelandic creative talents, as well as showcasing …