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Can AI help customise mobility and transport options? Enter Toyota WE

Barcelona – Ever wonder what benefit 'good design' can really be to the world? Consider the Toyota WE concept, a customisable, inclusive mobility technology designed to become not …


What will the Lamborghinis of the future look like? IED Barcelona has a few ideas

Barcelona – The Italian carmaker asked for revolutionary vehicles, set in the year 2035. The students of the Transportation Design undergraduate programme at IED Barcelona responded.


IED Barcelona presents the macrotrends of the future in Fifteen of Fifty Book

Barcelona – IED Barcelona is celebrating 15 years of design education by forecasting the next 15 years of the discipline and the problems it will be solving.


Where the new generation of hospitality designers are made

Barcelona – A Master in Interior Design at IED Barcelona prepares students for the changing landscape of hospitality design.


Materiality and research lead the way at IED Barcelona

Barcelona – IED Barcelona focuses on knowledge of material in Master’s Program of Interior Design for Commercial Spaces.

Photo Luiza Lacava

You can master sustainability in product design at IED Barcelona Design University

BARCELONA – Aesthetics and sustainability can be implemented simultaneously, as demonstrated by IED’s master's students in sustainable product design.