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Infinity Mind’s design for a Sichuan restaurant uses folk art in a contemporary way

Guangzhou – Infinity Mind used waste from traditional pottery-making and reclaimed construction material to create a bond between old and new at Chuan's Kitchen II.


Here’s the longlist for the Honorary categories at the Frame Awards 2019

Amsterdam – Here is our first cut for the Client, Designer and Emerging Designer awards, featuring the teams behind some outstanding recent projects. 


This is not where you’d expect to eat some Sichuan hot pot

Guangzhou – In Hi, Miss Rong the team behind Infinity Mind defy material expectations for a Chinese folk-food restaurant.


A coffee shop in China brings some pause to the fast takeaway model

Guangzhou – While the timeframe of service at .jpg Coffee is meant to go as fast as a photo, the quality of the experience is also meant to leave a permanent memory.

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