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Every bit of this Dublin house is so damn weird (and we love it)

Dublin – Architect Jake Moulson turns the D2 Townhouse, a residential renovation in Georgian Dublin, into an ode to outer-space camp.

Irish designers have crafted a range of contemporary products – whether playful, useful or simply curious – all born out of cultural curiosity (photo: ID2015).

Irish designers craft precious keepsakes for The Souvenir Project

Commissioned by ID2015 and curated by Jonathan Legge of Makers & Brothers, The Souvenir Project currently exhibited at Dutch Design Week  is a creative venture that has brought together …

Irish design studio Notion collaborated with Mourne Textiles to realise the Frame Chair.

Frame Chair by Notion

The Frame Chair by Irish design studio Notion was unveiled to a rapturous welcome in Milan last month and, whilst it is currently off on a world tour, let's take the opportunity to investigate …

A photographic exhibition at Dublin Airport celebrates the breadth of Irish creativity through a series of portraits of designers by award-winning Irish photographer Peter Rowen.

Design Island Exhibition at Dublin Airport

A photographic exhibition at Dublin Airport celebrates the breadth of Irish creativity through a series of portraits by award-winning Irish photographer Peter Rowen.

The extension contrasts with the existing home in personality but relates in form.

House in Inchigeelagh by Markus Schietsch

INCHIGEELAGH – Zurich-based office Markus Schietsch Arkitekten has added on to an Irish cottage in Inchigeelagh, a small town outside Cork.

We Are Islanders combine traditional crafts with experimental techniques to dye garments by a tidal process.

Tidal by We Are Islanders

Novel methods utilised by the Irish art and design collective, We Are Islanders, combine traditional crafts with experimental techniques. 'Tide dyeing' began as a socio-cultural concept in the Irish …

The Great Work of the Metal Lover by Adam W. Brown.

Grow Your Own at Science Gallery Dublin

An experimental exhibition in Dublin’s Science Gallery brings together artists, scientists and designers to investigate and showcase an emerging approach to genetic engineering known as …

Movie stills reveal cellulose on a micro-scale.

Xylinum Cones by Hülsen and Schwabe

Jannis Hülsen and Stefan Schwabe's Xylinum Cones use living bacteria cellulose to grow geometric objects.

Ebony and Co arrives at the forested site early than anyone else to select tree trunks that will yield the widest planks.

Report: Ebony and Co

Craftsmanship, time concerns and trends merge in the world of flooring specialist Ebony and Co, whose managing director and co-owner Bastiaan Smits says, ‘The future is yellow and gold.’

The markets are located on the second level.

The Dublin Weavers Guild and Markets by Olwyn Greene

Skin, Surface and Superficiality: The Dublin Weavers Guild and Markets is a proposal by Dublin Institute of Technology student Olwyn Greene. The two-storey building – which separates the markets …

Designgoat are currently working on a range of furniture to be unveiled at London Design Festival 2013.

Introducing: Designgoat

Dublin-based design duo, Ahmad Fakhry and Cian Corcoran, formed Designgoat in 2011. Their work covers a wide range, from adaptable retail displays to fitting out cafes with furniture custom made in …

Making the bothies was an adventure in itself. Art in isolation, in the wilderness. Unlocked and free for anyone to use.

The 4 Bothies Project by Luke Franklin

An art project about adventure sees four unique spaces, dotted across Ireland in some wild locations, just waiting to be discovered.