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Mark A-to-Z: R is for Renovation

Reinvigorating city centres and building within the constraints left from the past are challenges that stimulate and highlight architects’ talents.


Complexity breeds creativity at Jerusalem Design Week

JERUSALEM – Ran Wolf, managing director of Jerusalem Design Week, explains the role design can and should play in dissolving social, cultural and political boundaries.


Touching, feeling, and building art at Jerusalem Design Week

JERUSALEM – How LEGO blocks can shed light on alternative ways of not only viewing, but also making art.


Daniel Valle realizes an adaptable partition wall for South Korean elementary school

Daniel Valle Architects uses a cushion-like partition wall to create a space that adapts to meet the need for communal activities as well as quiet study time at DSSI elementary school.

Photo Daniel Schechter

Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz lets serendipitous stimuli steer kukka’s product design

At the helm of kukka’s London studio as founder and lead designer, Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz conceives designs which are incited by the creative stimuli she encounters at every turn.

A concrete ceiling adds a textural quality to the interior, whilst timber and steel elements wrap through the apartment.

Toledano + Architects' articulate design erases boundaries between family members

TEL AVIV – Material detailing gives the Duplex Penthouse a characteristic refined interior.

Successfully designing an office to be shared by two companies required a unified strategy from the team at Roy David Studio.

Roy David Studio crafts a contemporary, creative co-working space in Tel Aviv

As a follow-up to the project that appears in The Other Office 2, Roy David Studio has designed another creative workspace in Tel Aviv that mixes private and communal areas in a relaxed and eclectic …

Blow Dough featured as part of Jerusalem Design Week’s Food Lab.

Blow Dough by Omer Polak

Estate agents have used the smell of freshly baked baguettes to sell houses, but Omer Polak wants his airy loaf to raise our daily bread to the realm of design.


Colored Memories by Itay Ohaly

A monochromatic black room filled with matching contents served as a canvas to visitors as they etched to reveal a vivid underlayer.

Tribaling Mass Production dinner set illustrates the origin of food.

Food For Thought by Maayan Pesach

Lasting a lifetime, vivid memories stem from experience, places, events and even objects. Food for Thought by Isreali Eindhoven-based Maayan Pesach comprises a full survey – interviews with …

Michal Fargo's Else Vase series employs original techniques.

Else Vase Series by Michal Fargo

True craftsmen spend years honing their skills. Looking for an alternative to traditional moulding techniques, Israeli designer Michal Fargo developed Else Vase using her own technique. Working …

840 papers are suspended from the ceiling denoting 100 colours.

100 Colors by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Renowned for her eclectic use of colour, French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux launched the first of her 100 Colors series in the Shinjuku Mitsui Building in Tokyo as part of the 2013 Shinjuku …