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How do you adapt a Swedish vampire story for the theatre stage?

Istanbul – Architect Alper Derinboğaz turned the theatre stage into a moving landscape, thanks to Oblique Land, a structure with 19 mobile modules.


Multifunctional Eye-D space defies gravity and convention

Istanbul – Ofist studio creates a gravity-defying experience with 505 yoga blocks for the multifunctional, ‘Rayban-free’ retail concept Eye-D.


Istanbul-In-Between discusses a 'phygital' future

Frame teams up with Istanbul-In-Between for 'What’s the matter? – Design for a phygital world. Part II' as part of the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial's Parallel Events programme.

Curated by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley, the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial will explore the intimate relationship between concepts of design and what it means to be human

The 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial will explore the intimate relationship between the object and its owner

ISTANBUL – Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) and co-sponsored by ENKA Foundation, Petkim and Vitra, the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial will run from

Zemberek Design shows off the many sides of Skechers

ISTANBUL – When hired to design the Istanbul headquarters for the Turkish distributor of international footwear giant Skechers, Zemberek Design was tasked with realizing heterogeneity within a …

Koray Malhan is a designer and brand manager of Turkish furniture company Koleksiyon.

Oblivion by Koray Malhan

Nestled in the foothills of north Istanbul is the Koleksiyon headquarters where designer and brand manager Koray Malhan’s Rework – a vision for the contemporary office landscape – is laid out …

Steel framing forms an improvised rhythm on the east and west faces.

Arkadia Apartments by Inter.National.Design

ISTANBUL – A Dutch firm’s new apartment complex in southern Istanbul offers a refreshing take on the region’s urban densification.

Zemberek Design Office's scheme of horizontal steps generously opens the interior's sightlines and improves overall vision within the R & D headquarters.

R & D Store by Zemberek Design Office

At the centre of the Istanbul headquarters for denim brand R & D, an elevated floor forms a flexible work surface with integrated storage space.

Frame spoke with Zoë Ryan one rainy Amsterdam morning about her curatorial direction for the two month long event taking place in Turkey's largest city. Portrait Andrew Meredith

Q&A: Zoë Ryan

Zoë Ryan, curator of the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial, The Future Is Not What It Used to Be, has been seeking out manifestos for the 21st century.

N°41 Workout Computer by Bless blends physical training and computer work.

Istanbul Design Biennial

Bringing design-inclined cultural innovators together at the cross roads of Europe and Asia, the second Istanbul Design Biennial looks to reappropriate the manifesto.

Kahraman aims to create sustainable designs that redefine character.

Dip Stool by Merve Kahraman

Geometrically inspired designs have been a current theme in the spatial scene for quite a while, but Merve Kahraman decided to step it up a notch.

Supermodels captures much of the Netherland’s rich design culture. Photo by Roland Pupupin

Milan: Final Days

As the world’s main design event winds down – with a ripple effect that will be felt for many months to come – there is much debate about such a large endeavor's true purpose. Many defend the …

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