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Designing for democracy and diversity in the workplace

OBJECTS – Koleksiyon’s office furniture unshackles workers from assigned stations, and empowers them to reinterpret their workspace.


Don’t miss the highlights of Design Junction 2017

LONDON – Part of London Design Festival, Design Junction 2017 exhibits the latest products from over 200 prominent designers and brands.


Koleksiyon's Koray Malhan parses philosophical meditations into graphically minimalist furnishings

The son of Koleksiyon founder Faruk Malhan, brand director and designer Koray Malhan applies the structural abstractions of music, literature and art to design to create ‘open work’ products.


Koleksiyon at the Anadolu Sigorta Headquarters

An office redesign in Kavacık, Istanbul for the Anadolu Sigorta headquarters integrates areas for work alongside rest for a homogenous interior. With architectural design by Erginoğlu & …

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