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Openings: ease back into hospitality spaces with these venues from Kyoto to Kazakhstan

After months of restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars being at a stand-still, new openings designed by Curiosity, Roar, Kengo Kuma and more are a silver lining.


For the eyes and mind: this exhibition design frames space as a tool for thought

Japan – DDAA is behind the set-up for Dress Code: Are You Playing Fashion?, a show in Japan that seeks to spur critical thinking in its audience.


Don’t drive to your studio for over an hour unless it’s worth it, says a Japanese designer

Kyoto – Teruhiro Yanagihara’s former studio was buried in the north of Kyoto and served also as a residency for international creators.


A Japanese artist wants to (literally) challenge our perspective by using 3D frames

Inspired by classic paintings, Japanese artist Yusuke Kamata creates installations composed only of 3D frames to show art from every angle.


In a greenless neighbourhood in Kyoto, this house is all about the inside courtyard

Kyoto – In highly urban Kyoto, architecture studio 07Beach designed a wooden house that gravitates around a tree that grows in its centre.


A Japanese architect created an indoor park for children with disabilities

Kyoto – Satoshi Takijiri’s Yojo Park, located in Kyoto, is an ‘indoors forest’ that allows children on wheelchairs to feel the freedom of the playground.


A new Japanese baked goods store brings the best of old Kyoto to life

Kyoto – Kyoto’s Bake Cheese Tart store store, designed by Fumitaka Suzuki, recreates the traditional kamado through a multi-functional counter.


Your idea of a minimalist hair salon gets a trim

Kyoto – For a hair salon in Kyoto, designer duo Sides Core stripped down the space to put the focus back on the flow between the stylist’s hand and the client’s head.

Hidden behind shielding concrete gabled walls is a compact, functional house.

House in Kitaoji by Torafu Architects

KYOTO – Located on a quiet corner of a Kyoto housing estate, a concrete house appears inaccessible – but is in fact designed with greater thought towards accessibility for wheelchair users.

The house has been modeled after a keyhole, with a narrow window framing the front door.

Keyhole House

KYOTO – A house in Japan has been modeled after the shape of a keyhole.

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