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Media Library [Third-Place] by Dominique Coulon et Associés. Photos Eugeni Pons

A collection of bubbles gives Dominique Coulon & Associés free movement

THIONVILLE – With a fluid façade wrapping around the building like an unfurling ribbon, Media Library [Third-Place] has recently opened in the north east of France.

Bookshelves densify the space while remaining porous for social interaction. Photo Zhang Zheming

Cao Pu Studio scales down the infrastructure of a city and inserts it into a vertical version of suburbia

CHANGSHA – Cao Pu Studio, an architecture firm from Beijing, has transformed an apartment unit into a bookstore and library.

Leaderboard CIFF
Leaderboard CIFF
The site’s naturally-occurring dolomitic limestone clads the exterior.

RDH nestles a library into a hillside

WATERDOWN – A library and civic centre incorporates its regional topography, defined largely by the Niagara Escarpment.

Anodised aluminium sunshades mounted on a chassis envelope the building’s cross-braced concrete beam structure.

Périphériques wraps library façade with undulating lines

ST PAUL – A media library designed by Périphériques articulates the beginning of an urban renewal for a commune on the island of La Reunion.

The grey quartzite stone envelops both the walls and the roof of the library.

Media Library by Pascale Guédot

BOURG-LA-REINE – A 100-year-old walnut tree inspires the form of a library.

The new cultural centre consolidates a public library and a school of music and dance.

Cultural Centre in Saint-Germain-lès-Arpajon by Ateliers O-S

PARIS – A Parisian suburb features a new, elevated cultural centre.

Väven occupies a waterfront block and another lying just to the north, creating a link between the existing street grid and the redeveloped river walk.

Väven by Snøhetta and White Arkitekter

UMEÅ – The designers named the complex Väven after the Swedish word meaning ‘weave’, a fitting metaphor for the confluence of so many distinct programs under one roof.

The renovation’s focal point is a dramatic spiral staircase that now ascends into the library’s atrium.

Strasbourg National University Library by ANMA

STRASBOURG – The BNU in Strasbourg reopens this month after a massive rehabilitation lead by ANMA, who were inspired by the building’s monumental roots.

Kepler's Mysterium Cosmographicum inspired the modular table featured in the project: 'The geometrical basis of the universe is represented by regular polygons.'

Science Café and Library by Anna Wigandt

Interior designer and photographer Anna Wigandt presents a concept space that aims to stimulate people’s interest in science.

The building’s angular shapes refers to the industry and docks alongside the river.

Médiathèque Choisy-le-Roi by Brenac + Gonzalez

PARIS – The new library in Choisy-le-Roi connects the municipal life to the Seine and its visitors with one another.

The expressive, porous annexe follows the geometry of the site and reconnects two wings of the old building.

Griffith G11 Learning Common by ThomsonAdsett

GRIFFITH – The architects add outdoor, in-between spaces in this Australian library extension.

The first floor’s slit-flap display is synchronized with the flight schedule of Incheon International Airport.

Hyundai Card Travel Library by Wonderwall

In the bustling heart of Seoul, Chungdam-dong, Hyundai Card opened a library designed by Wonderwall's Katayama Masamichi.