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There's an electric forest inside a Paris nightclub

Paris – For Guto Requena's light installation in the middle of Paris’ Terminal 7 nightclub, emotions are as important as tech


Audi's exhibition sculpts a sesnorial experience with LED laser technology

NEW YORK – The Wonderland agency, along with light and space artist Matthew Schreiber, developed an exhibition for Audi inspired by the LED technology and innovative design that are synonymous with …


Ultra-technologists at teamLab create an immersive digital universe

TOKYO – For an exhibition at DMM.Planets in Japan, interdisciplinary collective teamLab invited visitors to take off their shoes and immerse themselves in a maze of digital art.

A space that reflects constant movement.

Finnborgi Petursson’s illuminating architecture of waves

EKEAS – An Icelandic artist creates images that are as acoustic as they are visual.

Sensitive Star is an sky-high urban lighting project that offers a new perspective on the city to its residents.

Estudio Guto Requena's interactive installation shines brightly above the São Paulo skyline

SÃO PAULO – On the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings in Brazil, the citizens of São Paulo can rediscover their city from a new perspective thanks to Guto Requena's Sensitive Star.

The interactive installation by Loop.pH raises awareness of environmental issues in both a playful and apt manner.

Loop.pH illuminates the link between active and healthy cities with VelO2

TAIPEI – A dynamic and interactive light installation by Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl of London-based Loop.pH is shining a spotlight on an important consideration of urban life. 

Lux Helsinki draws crowds to the illuminated cloud by Canadians Caitlind RC Brown and Wayne Garrett.

Illuminated, interactive clouds and giant lampshades attract attention at Lux Helsinki

The eighth annual light festival Lux Helsinki delivered bright lights, dazzle and spectacle to the snowy streets of the Finnish capital.

Through No. 3 is a new installation in central Manchester that immerses viewers beneath a canopy of colour.

Architectural prism creates chromatic corridor amidst an urban landscape

Liz West continues her quest to create chromatic experiences as she captivates audiences with her colourful installations. Her latest work – Through No. 3 – can currently be seen on display in …

Jordan Söderberg Mills set out to create objects that generate shifting patterns using light as the raw material.

Jordan Söderberg Mills gives volume and weight to light

LONDON – A graduate from Central Saint Martins, Jordan Söderberg Mills is particularly interested in physics, ‘as close to magic as we can get’. 

ART+COM immersed viewers in light, sound and colour at the Sonar festival in Barcelona last month (photo: Mahala Nuuk).

Multisensory installation by ART+COM mesmerises audiences with its RGB|CMY Kinetic glow

Created by ART+COM for SonarPLANTA, the RGB|CMY Kinetic installation is a monumental statement and an audiovisual experience that immerses viewers in colour, light and sound.


Out Now: Bright 2

Bright 2 showcases a rich selection of architectural illumination and light installation projects from across the globe.

Frame's newest book – Bright 2 – is brimming with illuminating perspectives (pictured: visuals designed by Christine Lyschik; photo: Thomas Giegerich).

Sunday Books: Spotlight on Bright 2

A medley of inspiring light projects from all over the world has been gathered together in one glorious book for your delectation! Bright 2 is released this week. For this article, we decided to …

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