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Colour octa-gone: Liz West’s 3D pointillism is hiding something

Blackburn, England – Where’s the rainbow, Liz West? The artist known for her work with light and colour creates an installation with an optical illusion that invites exchange.


Liz West’s first permanent installation responds to its neoclassical site

BURY – Frame’s One Artist, One Material in issue 113, Manchester-based Liz West puts her signature material – light – to work in her first permanent installation.


Liz West paves a church nave with a pool of rainbow reflections

SCUNTHORPE – Artist Liz West strikes gold yet again with Our Colour Reflection, a field of mirrors which emanates rainbow colours within the confines of St John's Church.

Through No. 3 is a new installation in central Manchester that immerses viewers beneath a canopy of colour.

Architectural prism creates chromatic corridor amidst an urban landscape

Liz West continues her quest to create chromatic experiences as she captivates audiences with her colourful installations. Her latest work – Through No. 3 – can currently be seen on display in …

Liz West's light-art installation at Federation House ensured a winter weekend in Manchester was anything but grey.

Your Colour Perception by Liz West

'The closest thing to walking through a rainbow' was how some visitors described the light-art installation by artist Liz West, which cloaked an entire exhibition area of a Manchester gallery in a …