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Luxembourg’s national library shows how institutions can build communities

Luxembourg – Designed by German firm Bolles+Wilson, the National Library of Luxembourg brings a vital community space to an otherwise isolated district.


Noman Studio turned its work into creative displays for a Luxembourg concept store

Luxembourg City – Reimagining its 2015 work If This Then That, Noman Studio designed a temporary Luxembourg concept store that’s ‘honest and readable.'


Could a sneaker-head community space in Scoop (86) safeguard against physical retail’s decline?

LUXEMBOURG – Sneaker club Scoop (86) rethinks the role of the sports store by turning shoe shopping into social bonding.

15 Residential Units by Metaform. Photos Steve Troes Fotodesign

Metaform coils 15 residential units around a curve on a slope

LUXEMBOURG CITY – No sane architect has grand dreams of building on a curved site with an aggressively-steep topography.

Jakob Dunkl goes on a tour to meet famous architects such as Wolf D Prix, Jan Gehl, Odile Decq and Willem Jan Neutelings.

Series Meine Stadt/Ma Ville documents an architectural voyage through four European cities

In the programme, Jakob Dunkl from querkraft architects visits the urban metropolises of Lyon, Luxembourg, Copenhagen and Antwerp.

Karin Gustafsson describes Cos’s retail spaces as ‘blank canvases’.

Q&A: Karin Gustafsson of Cos

AMSTERDAM – We caught up with Karin Gustafsson, head of womenswear at Cos, during her recent visit to the city. 

A bold, multifaceted volume sits comfortably among more conservative neighbours.

House in Luxembourg by Polaris

LUXEMBOURG – Perched on a hillside in Luxembourg, a compact single-family home by Polaris Architects really stands out in some aspects; in others, it coolly blends in.

‘Weather the Storm’ by Valentina Carretta and Gustavo Millon provides a space to relax surrounded by a violent storm landscape.

Next Cabane Exhibition

Last week we showed you a unique cabin made of cozy textiles … check out similar cabin projects that are showing in a new exhibition at MUDAM Luxembourg.

The temporary space can be dismantled and carried from place to place.

Soft Fold Cabane

A temporary space is inviting users to relax in a cozy, cocoon-like environment .