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A new Champs-Élysées streetwear shop got its inspiration from a hardware-store icon

Paris – The new Homecore flagship in Paris, designed by Studio Malka Architecture, was inspired by Newtonian physics and the humble Krylon spray can.


Pernod-Ricard’s new Paris workspace has some of the most flexible furniture we’ve seen

Paris – Studio Malka came up with ways to hide Mutant Furniture into a three-floor open workspace – and yes, they even managed to sneak in some soundproof alcoves.

‘Disc-shaped city, round temple, and circular tubes; the trinity of city, building, and material is gathered around the loop to welcome the sandstorms.’ Stéphane Malka

Loopcamp by Malka Architecture

NEVADA – Burning Man Festival 2012 boasted an installation at its very heart by French architect Stéphane Malka of Malka Architecture.