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Luxurious Precious – Proportion London captures the expression of jewellery

LONDON – Proportion London launches a new collection of accessories mannequins which embody sensuality and simplicity to cater to an evolving retail industry.


Matteo Thun sets the stage for Zara’s grand entrance

MILAN – The entrance installation for a Zara flagship store housed in a 30’s theatre invokes the dramatic spirit of the stage.


Euroshop 2017 will see Hans Boodt Mannequins stand out from the crowd

DÜSSELDORF – Hans Boodt Mannequins creates a new range of characters for a broad spectrum of retail settings to be unveiled at Euroshop 2017.

With a background in retail and an appearance that goes with it, Marco Ouwerkerk quickly won the trust of potential clients when he entered the mannequin scene. Portrait Anne Claire de Breij

Marco Ouwerkerk discusses Hans Boodt Mannequins' moves to adapt to retail's fast-pace

As Hans Boodt Mannequins prepares to enter the premium market, owner Marco Ouwerkerk discusses the future of retail and how to adapt to it.


Blend collection's mannequins transform into countless characters

Just like a chameleon, the latest collection of mannequins unveiled by Hans Boodt change as fast as evolving fashions.

With a new system dubbed Flexfit, models are experiencing an overdue makeover which better serves the retail industry by assembling in record breaking time.

Click, flex and pose program revamps retail's models

Hans Boodt's line of mannequins are quickly getting into shape. With a new system dubbed Flexfit, models are experiencing more than a face-lift but an overdue makeover which better serves the retail …

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