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Alesia Cinema by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture. Photos Luc Boegly / Guillame Guerin

Manuelle Gautrand uses steps and folds to immerse the audience with film

PARIS – Wedged between a seven-storey apartment building and a low-rise retail arcade the Gaumont Alésia Cinema has been through multiple changes since its opening in 1921.

The building is formed from interlocking volumes that create a seamless, flexible program.

Manuelle Gautrand opens a new forum to Saint-Louis Community

SAINT-LOUIS – A new cultural centre articulates the various contexts of its Alsatian town.

‘I finally just resolved to stick another piece of architecture next to the first.’

La Comédie de Béthune by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

BÉTHUNE – Manuelle Gautrand completes drama centre over twenty years in the making with an extension housing rehearsal and administrative spaces.

Towards the edges of the façade, the ‘origami effect’ decreases, blending the building with its neighbouring structures.


PARIS – Just steps away from Paris’ famed Arc de Triomphe is the Origami office, whose façade is modeled after the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.

‘The project seeks to install functions in an elevated verticality,’ Gautrand says.

Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

ASHKELON – Paris-based firm Manuelle Gautrand Architecture has won a competition to create a new music and dance theatre in Ashkelon, Israel.

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