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The star in these grand Mecanoo-designed theatres? Bespoke Vescom upholstery

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Vescom's bespoke upholstery fabrics allow acoustics and aesthetics to work in tandem in the world's largest performing arts centre under one roof.


A Dutch city gets a new public living room — and so much more

Tilburg, the Netherlands – Mecanoo set out to turn a former train hall into a massive library. Instead, by giving its users ownership of flexible spaces, it became something larger.

Keukenhof by Mecanoo. Photos courtesy of the architect

Mecanoo frames the Dutch skies with timber triangles

LISSE – Keukenhof is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. In time for this year's opening, a gatehouse was realised to give the attraction a proper entrance.

Vertical hardwood planks generate a sleek exterior façade, while allowing daylight to entering inside.


TEXEL – On the island of Texel, north of the Netherlands, a museum dedicated to sailors and beachcombers from centuries past.

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