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A minimalist artist takes advantage of the contemplation-provoking power of mirrors

Berlin – Fixating on reflective materials, artist Jeppe Hein prompts his audience to observe – and to be observed.


In this theatre-inspired Spanish restaurant, all the dining floor is a stage

Valencia – Architecture studio Bodegón Cabinet redesigned a new layout for El Camerino restaurant in Russafa, including a private boudoir.


An art installation in the Californian desert turns into a man-made mirage

Palm Springs – In 2017, Doug Aitken designed a house entirely covered by mirrors, an art installation part of the Desert X exhibition, in the middle of the Californian desert.


Selling sneakers by way of spy mirrors and scan stations

Constance, Germany – Studio DLF conceived a technological shopping experience for the new flagship store of Soulfoot Studio Sneaker in Constance, Germany.


Get pretty in Blushhh! with Instagram in mind

KIEV, Ukraine – AKZ Architectura celebrates the identity of a clothing and accessories showroom using its namesake colour in a retail experience tailored to social media.

Platinium by Tetrarc. Photo Marie-Caroline Lucat

Platinium by Tetrarc has a heart of gold and a silver skin

MONTPELLIER – Tetrarc completes Platinium, a residential block, that uses bold metallic and reflective features to make an impact on the neighbourhood.

Naiipa Art Complex by Stu/D/O. Photo Pirak Anurakyawachon

Stu/D/O hides the architecture in plain sight

BANGKOK – On one of the main business streets of Bangkok, comes a mixed-use art complex playing hide and seek with the trees.


Nendo makes an exhibition space, the exhibition has to follow suit

TOKYO – To celebrate the 90th anniversary of a school of Japanese flower arrangement, Nendo created a kaleidoscopic installation of 2,000 mirrored leaves.


FUO reflects the vanity and style of people who wear hats

WUHAN, China – Lukstudio’s design for hat specialists FUO’s compact boutique quite literally reflects artistry, millinery, and the qualities of its customers.


Acne’s new direction in denim

TOKYO – The Shibuya store is the only one the world where Acne Studios has launched Blå Konst, a new collection that represents an investigation into denim.


Why Gonzalez Haase AAS is telling a story to storytellers

BERLIN – For fischerAppelt, an advertising agency of storytellers, Gonzalez Haase AAS builds a scenography that gets curiouser and curiouser the further in you go.

IJhal by Wiel Arets Architects. Photos Jan Bitter

Wiel Arets Architects uses mirrored elements to reflect the fluctuations of the water

AMSTERDAM – Amongst the restorations and extensions to the Dutch capital’s main train station, the IJ Hall sits at the northern-most point of the building under a canopy designed as …

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