Montpellier articles

Platinium by Tetrarc. Photo Marie-Caroline Lucat

Platinium by Tetrarc has a heart of gold and a silver skin

MONTPELLIER – Tetrarc completes Platinium, a residential block, that uses bold metallic and reflective features to make an impact on the neighbourhood.

A central courtyard with hanging gardens provides a distinct social atmosphere.

Jacques Ferrier unveils new urban development in the French Riviera

MONTPELLIER – Inspired by Mediterranean iconography, a Paris firm contributes a multi-purpose complex to the development of France’s fastest growing city.

The house has been broken into different programmatic components that face the landscape.

House NB by NBJ Architectes

MONTPELLIER – Instead of a large volume, the architects have chosen to break up this hillside residence into smaller units.

Twenty four individually controlled neon strip lights line the inside

24 Lines by 1024 Architecture

Art imitates life in the new permanent installation 24 Lines by 1024 Architecture in La Panacée art center, Montpellier.


The trio of new buildings in Montpellier should serve as urban catalysts, not isolated monuments.

Inside Mark #41

Mark #41 has hit the shelves! So, here's a sneak peek into the December/January issue's Perspective. Based on Montpellier, we look at three buildings from iconic architects Jean Nouvel, Studio …

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