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'I am an activist, but that’s part of being an architect': legacy and preservation in Phyllis Lambert's eyes

For our 2018 publication Legacy: Generations of Creatives in Dialogue, curator and writer Carson Chan spoke with the influential Canadian architect shortly after her 90th birthday.


Want a workplace that feels like home? Hire an architect with residential expertise

Montreal – Underwhelmed by the proposals of commercial workplace designers, video game studio Eidos approached a residential architect to design its new Montreal office.


A retirement residence in Quebec helps senior citizens live better, by empathetic design

Sainte-Dorothée, Quebec – Montreal-based firm ADCF Architecture develops a humane residence to aid Québécois senior citizens in retaining their independence and autonomy.


If dry-cleaning shops become attractive, will it help revive the market for the service?

Montreal – A Montreal dry-cleaning shop designed by Ivy Studio upends all expectations of the spatial typology to create a desirable destination in the dipping market.


Welcome to VRing Station: Ssense’s new Valentino pop-up is all about shared space

Montreal – Ssense and Maison Valentino's pop-up installation is a branded subway station designed to highlight urban connection.


This veterinary clinic in Canada looks like an Aesop for pets

Montreal – In Montreal, T B A designed a space that proves that the health and wellness of our furry friends is a bigger priority than ever.


Shareable moments? Trust this Frame Lab speaker – they aren’t all on Instagram

Amsterdam – Sakchin Bessette, co-founder of the globally renowned entertainment studio Moment Factory, gives insight into creating shared experiences in the digital age. 


Fashion retailer Ssense designs with data to go from digital to physical

Montreal – Ssense’s flagship store, designed by David Chipperfield, applies over a decade’s worth of lessons learned both online and off.


Why grey concrete is David Chipperfield’s contribution to physical retail

Montreal – In today’s fast-paced world of flexible design, David Chipperfield makes online retailer Ssense commit to concrete and stainless steel.


Do Hotel Monville guests care about the local design?

Montreal – ACDF Architecture delivers a space saturated with context and culture, but is the hyper-local hospitality trend actually important to the visitor experience?

Village au Pied du Courant organised by La Pépinière. Photo Lorenzo Saroli-Palumbo

An ephemeral village organised by La Pépinière animated disused urban spaces

MONTREAL – As summer came to a bittersweet end, so did the summer pavilions and festivals. We look back on one of Montreal’s yearly architectural villages.

CHUM by Neuf Architectes and Cannon Design. Photo Adrien Williams

A new Montreal super-hospital saves the day

MONTREAL – After nearly a decade of work on the project, Montreal hosts a new super-hospital designed by Cannon Design and NEUF architectes.

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