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Nick Leith-Smith: merging shopping experience and local culture for Manolo Blahnik

TOKYO – In more than 30 Manolo Blahnik stores around the world, Nick Leith-Smith translates the local context into a visual dialogue with the brand and its customers.


Iceoff’s design for a Moscow workspace is layered with textures, styles and a touch of eccentricity

MOSCOW – Iceoff was thrown a particularly juicy creative bone for the commission of Proekt’s Moscow workplace: don’t make it look anything like an office, more like a highly-eccentric apartment …

The 'Brutalic Spider' carries a vision for new human settlement.

Timofey Zhilin stacks brutalist landmarks for dystopian architectural vision

MOSCOW – The witty collages of a young Russian artist reference history while looking into the future. 

The Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry by Y. Platonov in Moscow, Russia.

Fifth Façade re-evaluates Soviet international style architecture with a drone

Photographers Denis Esakov and Dmitry Vasilenko set to the skies above the former Soviet Union with the use of a drone to capture previously unseen views of soviet international style architecture.


Tsvetnoy Department Store in Moscow

Just the thought of a single place with seven stories of shopping will make even the most seasoned shopper’s heart flutter.

Martyred Ophelia, 2012, courtesy of the artist

Rastvorennaya Pechal by Alexander James

Each one of Alexander James’s works is a grand feat: comprising natural materials, handmade props and sculptural compositions, the impressive sets that he creates are immersed in huge tanks of …

A toy 'tumbler', part of the Moscow Design Museum's new exhibition of Soviet design.

Moscow Design Museum Unveils First Exhibition

The Moscow Design Museum opens its doors today, with an inaugural exhibition featuring household items, graphic posters and children's toys designed in the USSR.

Architect Peter Kostelov created 'oak tubes' running through the centre of a Moscow apartment.

Moscow Apartment by Peter Kostelov

Faced with brightening a dark, oblong apartment, architect Peter Kostelov took an unconventional course of action: he built a giant ‘oak tube.’

The pavilion’s design transforms depending on Moscow’s ever-changing weather.

Moscow Summer Pavilion by Peter Kostelov

An athletic family in Zenkino, Moscow, has been given a multifunctional pavilion that allows them to integrate nature and sport into everyday life.

The domes blend with the surrounding snowy landscape near Moscow.

Microcity Sales Office

MOSCOW – A temporary office structure near Moscow resembles a 1400-sq-m inflatable igloo.

Kostelov says the renovation has given the space a ‘new image which has its own laws.’

WWW Apartment

After he built an apartment using almost only metal materials, Russian architect Peter Kostelov has, seven years later, renovated the space using largely wood supplies.

In the chill-out area, what look like rough concrete blocks hanging overhead are, in fact, effortlessly floating ceiling panels.

Kluchi Nightclub

Kluchi – a nightclub in an old building in central Moscow – runs invitation-only parties, so the designers ‘wanted to avoid any trace of a conventional commercial venue’, says Peter Kostelov, …