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This exhibition shows what can happen when organic and man-made landscapes meet

Nantes – A Japanese rose producer entrusted Sohei Nakanishi to develop the scenography for an exhibition during Les Floralies Internationales Nantes.


Mark A-to-Z: R is for Renovation

Reinvigorating city centres and building within the constraints left from the past are challenges that stimulate and highlight architects’ talents.

Musee d'Arts de Nantes by Stanton Williams. Photos Hufton + Crow

A museum extension by Stanton Williams connects old and new in more ways than one

NANTES – A palace, a chapel and a cube have come together in a momentous renovation project in the west of France.

New'R by Hamonic+Masson & Associés. Photos Takuji Shimmura

Hamonic+Masson stratifies a metaphor for the city

NANTES – The design of the New'R building is all about bringing people together to create a community. A simple proposition, perhaps, but in practise not quite so easy.

‘We believe that beautiful housing accommodations are bright, well-oriented and offer wide views,’ explain the architects.

Towering architectural intervention envisions high-rise living enfolded in greenery

NANTES – The latest addition to the ZAC du Pré Gauchet development area embraces a green initiative for housing from a/LTA.

The building is located in close proximity to some of the city’s most respected engineering and design schools.

Hub Créatic by Tetrarc

NANTES – A local architecture firm designs a creative hub for innovative start-ups in Nantes.

The structure houses two concert halls, 16 recording studios, offices and space for digital experimentation.

La Fabrique Concert Hall

NANTES – In France a concert hall and recording centre is a modern reflection of the site’s industrial history.

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