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Can we be thinking better about biophilic design?

At Frame Awards 2020, a panel deliberated how we can more thoroughly integrate nature into built environments. Watch the talk now.


Leaving paper and canvas outdoors, this creator lets nature take its artistic toll

New York City – In a series of works dating back 40 years, artist Jacek Tylicki surrenders his creative reins to natural forces.


Slack’s new Californian HQ honours the hiking trail that leads to its Vancouver office

San Francisco – When Studio O+A was asked to design the San Francisco head office for workplace app Slack, the team found inspiration in an odd place: the Pacific outdoors.


Studio Drift and Duran Duran honour the moon landing with a drone performance

Merritt Island, USA – For the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s lunar landing, Duran Duran joined Studio Drift for a special performance of Franchise Freedom.


Some people in Amsterdam say they are working in a jungle – literally

The rooms of the of Joolz´s office and showroom in Amsterdam, designed by Space Encounters, are divided by a living, breathing rainforest.


Technology brings nature to New York City in Studio Swine’s A/D/O exhibition

New York City – With Wave. Particle. Duplex. Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami find a way to reconnect New Yorkers with nature – oddly enough, through technology.


An immersive and ethereal Studio SWINE exhibition opens at Brooklyn's A/D/O

New York City – Studio SWINE captures invisible elements of nature and gives them body in a new show at Brooklyn art and design incubator A/D/O. 


Toyota’s car-sharing café is a response to Japanese consumption trends

NAGOYA, Japan – Designed by Archicept City, Toyota’s Drive to Go concept plays to the growing experience economy and removes investment barriers to adventures on the road.


Four designs that are finding new ways to answer the call of nature

TRENDS – Frame investigates the ways that contemporary sanitaryware is incorporating the role of nature and the outdoors in our health and wellbeing.

Villa X by Barcode Architects. Photo by Christian van der Kooy

Villa X by Barcode Architects marks the spot

BRABANT – Barcode Architects brings simplicity, material quality, and a contemporary appearance to a villa in Brabant, the Netherlands.

Butterfly Houses by Gerner Gerner plus. Photo Matthias Raiger

An apartment complex by Gerner Gerner plus emulates butterflies in a park

VIENNA – The architects describe it as ‘brimstone butterflies in a paradise garden’ in Vienna on Hohe Warte.

NRT Heritage Home by SeARCH Office. Photo iP inProductions

A heritage house extension by SeARCH Office lets the trees do the talking

BANGKOK – SeARCH Office designed two additions to the Nai Lert Heritage Home with a new pavilion that lets the existing trees define its architecture.

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