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A macaron-inspired bakery in Hong Kong puts some panache in the ganache

Hong Kong – NC Design and Architecture outfitted Eat Darling Eat with pieces of furniture that are as sweetly appealing as the local desserts served on the plates.


Poorly designed McDonald’s restaurants? That’s so 2009

Tokyo – NC Design & Architecture revamped a Tokyo McDonald's, taking a postmodern approach to help bolster the American company's spatial branding. 


WeWork Hong Kong turns co-workers into neighbours

HONG KONG – NC Design and Architecture design the locally inspired co-working concept with the belief that by engaging with the space, workers will engage with each other.

The firm identifies the design as ‘paying homage to quintessential British heritage’.

NC Design & Architecture conceals elite Hong Kong bar with umbrella boutique

HONG KONG – Handcrafted, ornate umbrellas presented within lavish glass displays characterise the façade of what appears to be a high-end store.