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When off the shelf doesn’t cut it: the rise of project-specific furniture

New York City – As the redefinition of luxury leads to an increase in customized products, architects are collaborating with furniture brands for one-of-a-kind results.


Leong Leong interprets Everlane’s radical transparency in-store

New York City – Price-tag breakdowns. Walletless shopping. Customer ID integration. Leong Leong interprets Everlane’s mission of radical transparency.


Mathieu Lehanneur’s intersection of Parisian architecture and Japanese ‘friendly but scary’

New York City – In the new Maison Kitsuné flagship store, Mathieu Lehanneur’s interpretation of a French-Japanese aesthetic is Haussmannien meets ‘friendly but scary’.


It’s not shearling – the surprising industrial material in this Opening Ceremony store

New York City – Patrik Ervell repurposes an unexpected material for Opening Ceremony, echoing the aesthetic of the autumn collection.


Joris Laarman on exhibit: the ornamental functionality of robotic design

NEW YORK CITY – To see ‘frozen, functional poems’ of the industrial era transforming into the digital future, look no further than Joris Laarman: Design in the Digital Age.

Columbus by Kogonada.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Architecture Film Festivals

Around the world these events celebrate and showcase this other layer of architecture and here are three upcoming festivals to check out!


WOW Inc. and Gabriel Pulecio bring NASA satellite to life before its final journey

New York City – Interactive exhibition Beyond Cassini combines art and science to spark curiosity in its celebration of the life of a robot.

Jenga Building by Herzog & de Meuron. Photo Alexander Severin Architectural

Mark A-to-Z: N is for New York City

From Herzog & de Meuron’s new high-rise building to the High Line, we doubt we’ll ever be short of material to write about.


Preserving a neighbourhood institution – Aesop honours heritage in its evolution of space

NEW YORK CITY – Designed by Tacklebox Architecture, the Aesop store on the Upper West Side celebrates beauty because of the past, not in spite of it.

56 Leonard Street by Herzog & de Meuron. Photos Alexander Severin Architectural

The raw interior of Herzog & de Meuron's jenga building has been revealed

NEW YORK CITY – Sparkly and shiny domestic properties are very nice for living in but often don't make the most interesting of subjects to critique.


Finding Rei Kawakubo in-between emptiness and space

NEW YORK CITY – The Art of the In-Between exhibition explores Kawakubo’s mediations and connections ‘in-between’ dichotomies like Fashion/Antifashion and Clothes/Not Clothes.


Fotis Evans dreams up architectural surrealism for Hermès

NEW YORK CITY – Using Dadaist and surrealist techniques, Fotis Evans bridges the architecture and design worlds in the Madison Avenue Hermès window displays.