'And…Action!' Contemporary Architectural Photography at the Imagine Film Festival

Birg mich, Cilli, conversion of a farmhouse. Architect Peter Haimerl, Viechtach, Germany, 2009. Photo Edward Beierle

Architectural photography is going through a turbulent phase. During the last 20 years of the twentieth century, the influence of professional architecture criticism gave rise to the photographer specialising in architecture. The first 15 years of the present century saw a professionalisation of the PR departments of architecture firms – a response to new opportunities for mass communication offered by the internet, as well as to economic crises that make marketing more and more important.

As a result, in most cases the architectural photographer no longer works for independent media, but for the architects themselves. Although this shift may throw doubt on the journalistic value of his work, it also signifies the greater participation of all involved, along with more resources and better timing. The photoshoot of a building becomes a project, with props and extras, in a setting a production designer can only dream of – as, in the meantime, architects resolutely continue to build their fantastic designs.

Twenty photographs published in architecture magazine Mark over the last ten years appear in the exhibition. Each image possesses an almost cinematic quality that rouses curiosity about what’s happening – or is about to happen – in and around the building. As you view the photographs, it takes little imagination to hear a hypothetical director call ‘Action!’

The exhibition ‘And… Action!’ Contemporary Architectural Photography can be seen from 14 to 24 April during the Imagine Film Festival at Amsterdam's EYE. Admission is free of charge.

Participating photographers: Daici Ano, Iwan Baan, Edward Beierle, Olivier-Henri Dancy, Peter Eder, Leonardo Finotti, Adriá Goula, Jesús Granada, Jörg Hempel, KWK Promes, Joël Laiter, Thomas Mayer, João Morgado, André Morin, Paul Ott, Sergio Pirrone, Ed Reeve, Tim Van de Velde, Frederik Vercruysse, Cyrille Weiner
Curator: Arthur Wortmann, editor in chief of Mark magazine
Exhibition design and production: Barbara Iwanicka, design director of Frame Publishers


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