[e]mission by Marcos Zotes

Marcos Zotes installed a projector across the street from a Rejkjavik bank for [e]mission.

You know you’re being watched. But how often do you think about when, and where, you can be seen?

Inspired by the constant presence of CCTV cameras, Spanish-born architect Marcos Zotes used a sensor and a remote projector to light up the field of vision of a camera outside a Rejkjavik bank.

‘In a way CCTV cameras create certain invisible boundaries in the city, defining what they see and what they don’t see,’ he says. ‘The intention is to make people aware of these tools for control, and how much space their field of vision covers.’

For [e]mission, Zotes placed a sensor above a CCTV camera on a street in Iceland’s capital – without permission. When the sensor was triggered, it signalled to a projector across the street, creating a spotlight in the camera’s field of vision that shined on each passerby.

While the project is intended as a ‘reclamation of public space,' Zotes says, the spotlight itself had an ‘unexpected and beautiful’ effect.

‘The space became a stage, a theatre. As the light illuminated the space, anonymous citizens were transformed into actors for a short period of time.’

Zotes, originally from Madrid, now teaches and lives in Iceland, and is the founder of Unstable Space. He last appeared on Frameweb for another project that used light to question the boundaries of public space, when he projected commands onto Columbia University’s library.


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