10,000 wooden sticks carve Ben Butler's Unbounded installation

Ben Butler's latest installation at Rice University Art Gallery was inspired by both nature and human cities.

Just unveiled at the Rice University Art Gallery in Houston, Texas, artist Ben Butler's Unbounded. The maze-like installation initially appears as a complex structure realized with over 10,000 sticks of poplar wood assembled in a three-dimensional, criss-crossed grid.

Single, simple elements are set together to build something intricate, resulting not from former drawings, but from a liberated approach to the material's reaction within the hosting gallery. Butler derived shapes from the manipulation of the space, creating an unpredictable sculpture that is perceived in different ways pursuant to different angles. The nature-inspired process of realization also connects with the notion that man can control and organize nature, first demonstrated in traditional gardens.

In order to involve visitors transforms the art from a visual and spatial experience, the artist outlined a discreet path running through the structure's mass, forming empty, habitable areas. With the possibility of exploring the space, the installation's concept borders on the scale of architecture. 

Experience Unbounded at the Rice University Art Gallery until 28 August 2015.

Photos Nash Baker


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