21st Century Bordello

In past years, the working girls of Amsterdam’s red light district have made room for a classier clientele of artists and designers. The empty windows now provide them with workspace, a showroom and living quarters. Together with Amsterdam’s Historical Museum, Concrete presents the brothel of the future. Concrete drew inspiration from topics discussed by brothel owners, punters and prostitutes. How to help the brothel to survive, the wishes of punters, and innovation in brothel windows are all important factors in the design. The 21st century brothel is presented as a vacant window, inviting visitors to take a look inside. Round shapes dominate the room, referring to a woman’s curves and breaking with the old-fashioned, starkly tiled brothel windows. Above the makeshift brothel is the residence and workspace of fashion photographers Petrovsky and Ramone. The exhibition runs until August 29.

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