24 Lines by 1024 Architecture

Twenty four individually controlled neon strip lights line the inside


Art imitates life in the new permanent installation 24 Lines by 1024 Architecture in La Panacée art center, Montpellier. Twenty four individually controlled neon strip lights, switch from simulating the pace of breathing to pulsing beats, mimicking the fluctuating visitors within the arts centre.

Using unconventional materials such as oxidized metal and bichromated assembly collars, the scaffolding-like installation provides a contrast to the stark white walls of the arts centre. The architects aimed to give visitors the feeling of the old inside the new. La Panacée is a new addition to  the site of the former Royal College of Medicine, hence this seemingly timeworn structure is designed to reflect the relationship between the centre and the building itself.

1024 Architecture partnered with design studio Ciguë for the interior, choosing furniture that hints at the rusted nature of the rest of the installation.  Pre-existing chairs , tables and stools have been oxidised and given the same bichromated screws as the surrounding frame.

The theme of contrast continues from day to night as the scaffolding structure fades into the darkness and the light show takes prominence.

Images courtesy of photographer B. Pelleschi


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