3D Weaver by Oluwaseyi Sosanya

The rapidly growing technique of 3D printing proves to be a popular tool amongst a young shift of designers that keeps surprising us with the possibilities this innovative production method offers. By exploring, modifying and improving the technology as well as the materials used, the output keeps evolving.

Combining elements from traditional sewing and knitting machines with 3d print technology RCA graduate Oluwaseyi Sosanya designed a loom that can weave in three dimensions, creating impact-resistant, yet light and extremely flexible structures. It earned him his master degree in Innovation Design Engineering.

To demonstrate the various possibilities of his technique, Oluwaseyi Sosanya presented a shoe sole - made from a single natural thread - as part of his graduation project ‘The structure of protection’. Dipped in silicone it maintains its shape, but remains bendable. But this is just a start: the unique qualities of this texture promise an even greater potential for the medical, architectural, vehicle, aerospace, and sportswear industries.

Photos Guillame Couche

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