5 Days of Frame #117 – The studio is the product, and vice versa

NEW YORK CITY – To kick-off the newest issue of Frame magazine, we’ll be posting five days of exclusive online content throughout the month.

In the new July/August issue The Fashion of Fitness, we feature the intriguing blend of studio and product by London-based, Turner Prize-winning architecture collective Assemble in the first activation of the space at A/D/O.

As part of the inaugural season of the Design Academy at A/D/O, London-based, Turner Prize-winning architecture collective Assemble transformed an outdoor courtyard in Brooklyn into a ‘model factory’. The building is constructed with a galvanized-steel roof and a façade of clay tiles that the team produced within the factory.

Called A Factory as it Might Be (after an essay by William Morris), the installation explores the application of utopian ideals to a functional structure. A 19th-century socialist and textile designer, Morris was interested in revolutionizing the manufacturing workspace, and imagined the factory of the future as a place where work, leisure, and education could interplay.

Morris’s utopia was one where modern mechanized methods of production wouldn’t render skilled workers futile, but instead serve as a complement to pleasurable, creative work.

‘With A Factory as it Might Be, we are interested in how utopian ideas can be applied to the very practical reality of construction, and how building elements – and their methods of production – can become an expression of social, economic, and political aspirations,’ says Lewis Jones, founding member of Assemble.

The experimental space yields a new breed of design object, with a sense of place behind them (in more ways than one). With strong ties to their roots, the clay products made in A Factory as it Might Be have a specific local identity: they share their DNA with the studio in which they were born. Made from the same material as the space itself, they derive selfhood and story from their home ground.



A version of this article appeared in Frame #117 on pages 28-29.

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