5AM Fair Booth

The cocoon-like structure was made of 1000 flowers pots that formed the walls.

When Belgian studio 5AM was designing its own fair booth, they used a budget-savvy 1000 flower pots to form an eye-catching stand.

‘We wanted a booth that was as cheap as possible, but as visible as possible,’ explains interior architect Olivier Caluwier of 5AM. The solution was found in recyclable flowers pots and honeycomb cardboard panels that were glued together to form the structure.

The ceiling stretched 3m-by-3m, thus requiring meticulous engineering so that it wouldn’t collapse. A ‘backbone’ was made of cardboard to support the ceiling, with PU-foam reinforcement. Once the structure was intact, the designers screwed the pots in place, creating a 3D and entirely recyclable result.

5AM is based in Kortrijk, Belgium, and is run by Caluwier and Mathieu Bellens.

Leaderboard: Rietveld Academie
Leaderboard: Rietveld Academie

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