720° Installation by Ron Arad

From the outside, the installation looks like a spacely monument.

Ron Arad’s monumental installation at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum is a place where visitors can literally enter a movie. Standing 8m tall and circular like a sort of ethereal, sci-fi colosseum, 720° is a semi-transparent environment in which video works by renowned multi-media artists are screened in a truly immersive way.

The installation is comprised of 5600 silicon rods, suspended from above and allowing visitors to enter and exit from any side they please, or just stand outside and behold the video works from afar. The screening surface is thus a lightweight structure that serves an artistic and architectural purpose at the same time.

720° will be on show at the museum’s Billy Rose Art Garden until 5 September.

Photos courtesy Barak Aharon.

Ruppin Blvd
POB 71117 
Jerusalem, 91710

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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