A + I approaches Squarespace's headquarters with the morale of employees in mind

NEW YORK CITY – Architecture and design firm A + I believes that spacious design and the removal of secluded cubicles is the key to creating an environment where employees can do their work, think, collaborate as well as socialize. When redesigning the 9,000-sq-m space for the Squarespace headquarters in New York City, the firm focused on creating a multifunctional workspace that provides for the comfort and creativity of the employees and allows them to effortlessly pivot between individual and collaborative work modes.

As a platform for website building and design, Squarespace HQ could not be without those enviable hospitality-like zones now mandatory in digital-service companies. The multifunctional lobby for instance features rotating art installations, and a panorama bar on the 12th floor offers a space for employees and guests to relax in an elegant environment. Features such as these in corporate office buildings can motivate team members and spark their entrepreneurial spirit, but even more important is the connection that employees have to the company ethos.

With this in mind, it was fundamental to the designers that they capture the identity and language of Squarespace. A + I refrained from using any colour in keeping with the brand aesthetic, but added depth, texture and warmth through the use of natural materials such as custom concrete workstations, wood slats and walnut accents. 


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