A contemporary musical instrument translates participants' personalities into melodies

STOCKHOLM – Swedish theatre designer Johanna Mårtensson and composer Ida Lunden offer a contemporary take on the traditional pipe organ with the interactive musical instrument Orgel. Just as a pipe organ creates an atmosphere within a church that is central to the ceremonies held within it, Orgel creates a spiritual gathering in which visitors play an active role.

Plastic pipes hang from the ceiling in groups, totalling nine objects that resemble gigantic glowing medusas floating in pitch black waters. This is the set-up of Orgel, an interactive playground created by Mårtensson and Lunden. The project was born out of their shared interest in the collective experience of interactive art installations and the lifting of ordinary objects into something ‘other’.

Inspired by the traditional pipe organ, as well as the collective atmosphere of a church, the duo used toys, bicycle wheels and plastic pipes to explore sound in various combinations. The pipes, each producing a different sound, are fastened to the wheels and lit from above, so that colour and movement contribute to an abstract, underwater atmosphere.

Meandering through Orgel, visitors are able to assume the role of both audience and performer, becoming an integral part of the installation and its philosophy. The main challenge for the creative duo at the outset was to find a way to allow people to freely explore the space and the instruments without instructing them on what to do or how to behave.

Photos José Figueroa.




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