A Coruña City Council

An natural landscape is integrated into the architectonic form.

A CORUÑA – Inspired by an ancient Greek ‘agora’ or central market-meeting spot, Rojo/Fernández-Shaw Architects created a town council building in the north-western Spanish city A Coruña.

The structure is modeled after a historic Greek city centre space, where people could mix and mingle in an accessible location to discuss civic rights. Dubbed ‘Magic Mountain,’ the new structure houses cultural, administrative and social services.

‘It’s a vegetal and protective shell in which architecture integrates city with its surroundings, so we remember history and tradition of a region linked to natural and rural environment,’ says architect Luis Rojo de Castro.

The building is divided into two sections: one is spatial, which fuses architecture and landscape, which the other houses necessary programs like offices, meeting rooms, etc.

‘We proposed a formal structure, spatially and structurally dense, in which geometric and transparent solids are integrated with continuous and fluid empty spaces run between them,’ Rojo de Castro says.

Rojo/Fernández-Shaw Architects won first prize in a competition to realize the structure.

Photos courtesy of Hisao Suzuki


Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale
Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale

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