A' Design Award: Open Call

The Ring House by Marwan Zgheib

As one of the world’s largest creative accolades, A' Design Award provides winning designers, innovators and companies with major exposure – an exhibition, yearbook, additional publications, networking gala, public relations, marketing consultation, feedback, winners manual and most importantly, a world ranking. Levelling the playing-field between different disciplines, A' Design Awards considers both fledgling and established creatives as serious contenders.

With over 100 categories – including interior spaces and exhibition design, architecture and buildings, lighting products and projects, arts and readymade design, building materials, construction components, structures and systems – an extensive jury of international academics, professionals and journalists underline the best designs of the past year.

A clear and fair judging criteria takes many factors into account – aesthetics, shape, texture, colour, finishes, graphics, material, innovation, emotional value, social context, target group relevance, engineering, ease of use, surprise, timelessness and presentation. Through a series of voting sessions, the jury selects winning designs with a preliminary round determining eligibility free of charge.

Submit your work here up till 28 February.

Results will be announced on 15 April.

Register now! http://www.adesignaward.com/registration.php

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