A monochromatic workspace by Saori Miwa blurs the edges of the fashion and tech worlds

TOKYO – Saori Miwa, of design studio Little, curated an office space for Vasily where fashion and the internet converge in a contemporary, paperless environment. The Tokyo-based technology firm develops fashion apps for smartphones.

As everyone in the company works entirely online, there was much debate at the concept stage as to how design agency Little could facilitate an office in the physical realm for a workforce that occupies the virtual world. The angle that the design team focused on was to create a space that would serve as ‘a perch’ where staff and visitors could alight after navigating the ’net.

‘My aim was to present a clear impact for those visiting the place for the first time, while offering a comfortable yet exciting feeling to staff using it on a daily basis’, reveals designer Saori Miwa. This impact is felt immediately at the entrance, where a carpet illustrating a catwalk symbolises Vasily’s status as a company connecting the fashion world to the internet realm. The information superhighway continues to serve as design inspiration throughout the office, where a monochrome colour scheme and graphics hint at the binary code powering the web.

All work in the office is conducted via its wi-fi network, and this open communication model extends to the workspace, which except for the meeting room is entirely an open-plan environment. Dividing walls have been placed at different heights to ensure that colleagues never feel isolated while retaining a touch of privacy, and long tables are positioned for staff to collaborate. To encourage spontaneity, meeting rooms have white walls so that they can be used as projection backdrop for impromptu presentations.

Photos Kenta Hasegawa.



This project can be found in The Other Office 2. Any designers out there who have realised any great workplace stands recently which could be considered for the next edition in this inspiring book series, please get in touch: books@frameweb.com

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