A picture perfect dystopian scene emotionally deprived through architecture

Mark #63 covers production designer Tino Shaedler’s recent work for the dystopian movie Equals. Shaedler comments on the architecture, urbanism, furniture and aesthetics that set the scene for a romantic 'sickness' in an emotionally deprived world. An introduction the magazine article by Oliver Zeller follows:

For his latest romantic film, director Drake Doremus (Like Crazy) had a simple notion: to create ‘a love story in a world without love’. In this future, emotion is genetically suppressed for the betterment of society, though some become inflicted with emotions: with switched-on syndrome. Protagonists Silas and Nia, played by Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart, begin to experience feelings and form an intimate bond. The film, in theatres since 15 July, premiered at the 2015 Venice Film Festival. Variety declared: ‘The architecture is downright fantastic’ and Anne Thompson from Thompson on Hollywood proclaimed: ‘It’s one of the most beautifully designed films I’ve seen in ages.’

To fashion a world devoid of emotion, the improvisational director working from a screenplay by Nathan Parker (Moon) called upon production designer Tino Schaedler. The latter should be recognizable to long-time Mark readers. A former contributor, he established the publication’s coverage of architecture in film, and from issues 24 to 35, Schaedler and I collaborated on Cross Section articles covering films from Where the Wild Things Are to Tree of Life. I spoke with Tino about how he reconciled a world bereft of passion with characters experiencing an emotional awakening…


For more of the article read the entire article in issue #63, available in the framestore.

Photos courtesy of A24 Films / Scott Free Productions


Article originally published in Mark magazine issue #63

Billboard: Black Friday 2017
Billboard: Black Friday 2017

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