A playful palette purveys atelier 522’s design for Serafini’s trade fair stand

DUSSELDORF – Serafini presented its latest innovations and products for shop fitting systems at the most recent Europshop fair across a stand designed by atelier 522. This bold total environment comprised a series of open and semi-enclosed display zones separated by low partitions, each with its own ambience. What united them was a clear design language and harmonious colour palette, where black and white and warm spring colours met linear and circular geometries.

The brand’s ‘dot and line’ system was on show as the starting point for the design. Bar-code-like patterns were paired with regular stripes of varying thicknesses, adding a striking texture and sense of movement on the stand. Patterns of black-and-white dots also played with scale. Complementing the grid of partitions were circular swinging windows made from copper, brass and wood that functioned like portholes into each zone. Pastel pink and unvarnished, light wood marked the meeting room volume and adjoining bar area. The candy-striped bar awning added a playful detail and an oversized rotating disc could close off the room for private meetings.

Inside, the playful design with pink accents created a warm atmosphere, with brass detailing lending a luxurious touch. Unmissable in canary yellow, the central seating area invited visitors to relax under the suspended yellow light sphere. A vintage yellow gumball machine added the finishing touch to this eye-catching stand.

Photos atelier 522 and Ben Decker.


This project can be found in Grand Stand 5. Any designers out there who have realised any great trade fair stands recently which could be considered for the next edition in this inspiring book series, please get in touch: books@frameweb.com

Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale
Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale

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