Ace & Tate’s revolution of the eyewear industry arrives in The Hague

The Hague, Netherlands – Jordy van den Nieuwendijk unleashes his bold artwork in primary colours known to every schoolchild for Ace & Tate’s 20th retail location in Europe. The eyewear brand’s design philosophy for its physical stores is recognizable, welcoming, surprising, witty, and above all, unique, declares retail design manager Berit Burema. It was on the same occasion that Burema argued for the Ace & Tate stores as representative of the Dutch design attitude and a contemporary relative of the Droog movement.

Seamlessly integrating local flair into its unmistakable brand identity, the store is the latest realization of Ace & Tate’s mission to revolutionize the concept of optical stores. The quirky yet minimalist design boasts Ace & Tate’s signature clean lines and product displays, with van den Nieuwendijk’s haphazard swathes of colour amidst the concrete floor and brightly coloured metal structures echoing the restrained chic and playful aesthetic of the merchandise. A bright yellow staircase connects the double-story retail space, extending the palette vertically.

Van den Nieuwendijk’s graphic style is immediately recognizable to locals and international artists alike, bringing the brand’s roots and local flavour together in the interior concept.

The focal point of the space is given to van den Nieuwendijk’s art, evoking the Dutch identity of the brand which may be more muted in its other locations, and references the seaside location of the city.

Van den Nieuwendijk’s work captures the anything-but-serious attitude that has been referred to as inherently Dutch – described by van den Nieuwendijk himself as ‘entry-level jubilation’. Playful shapes, childlike colours and visible brush strokes communicate a careless sort of light-heartedness, which invites Ave & Tate customers to be bold, reckless, and unafraid to pick up that pair of sunglasses they never would have dared to before.

Online-first retailer Ace & Tate has collaborated with various artists and creatives to design unique spatial interpretations of the playful brand identity in cities across Europe. For its newest location, Ace & Tate chose a local artist who shares the same creative ancestors. Together, they hold a bright coloured mirror up to The Hague.

Location Prinsestraat 20 2513 CD, Den Haag

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