ADARC Associates' Heyue footbridge breaks free of China's rapid construction pattern

The project is a revolt against the rapid development taking place all over China.

FOSHAN – ‘This project is a mutual effort of government and architects, aiming to break away from the Chinese style impetuous development pattern, in order to recreate the traditional village culture and architecture footprint.’ explains ADARC Associates. The project is a revolt against the rapid construction taking place all over China, as high levels of the population move from rural areas into the urban cities. The firm acknowledges that this shift is inevitable and therefore proposes a more sensitive design methodology where traditional architectural characteristics and techniques are incorporated.

The Heyue footbridge connects multiple villages which were recently separated by a new highway. Inspired by the profiles of the Lingnan buildings which are still prevalent in the area, a succession of section cuts comprise the steel structure. The outlines initially depict the shapes of the oldest buildings and then morph to show the style’s adaptations over time. Wider than most footbridges, the structure not only connects communities but provides a meeting place where people could come together and socialise. A synergy of traditional and contemporary approaches integrates the best of the past and the present, ensuring a durable yet sympathetic design.

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