On now until 24 April at gallery arc en rêve in Bordeaux, Album features 800 documents, sketches, drawings and archive photos by the Bouroullecs. They say they’re seeking to present all these documents at the same level, regardless of if they relate to industrial projects, galleries, architectural designs or research projects. The aim is to reveal what lies behind multi-facetted productions. All images were framed identically, showing there is no hierarchy amongst them. In this simple presentation method, visitors can better understand the Bouroullecs’ work, while facing panorama of images that are both unified yet multi-faceted. The brothers say they believe everything that contributes to the design of their projects is a creative act whose role is not solely to serve the objects themselves. ‘The Album exhibit deliberately avoids simply presenting finished objects,’ they say. ‘The show provides an insight into a unique world which is intact insofar as it has not yet undergone the effects of production inherent in both industrialization and marketing.’

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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