AMA sculpts a raw authenticity that builds on Italian traditions for restaurant Fucina

LONDON – Italian restaurant Fucina with a heart for organic produce and an artisanal technique has arrived in central London. Designed by Andy Martin, the space’s architectural elements depict a visual interpretation of contemporary Italian taste. A handmade, coloured glass screen incorporated into the facade creates a striking welcome for visitors. The grand, modern entrance is intended to offer its diners a peaceful haven from the busy rush of the city streets.

In an attempt to connect the food with its origins, the design team has taken inspiration from nature. The chairs, for example, are fabricated from refined and machined branches. References are also made to trees and roots by the tables that appear to grow up from the floor. In addition to this, only raw materials such as brick, marble and timber have been used.

A curved and distorted ceiling is the central focus of the restaurant. The so-called crowning jewel of Fucina aspires to mirror the warped contours of the inside of a traditional pizza oven. To add authenticity, a traditional terrazzo cement was used to set hand-laid marble chips. Fine details such as the cement are reminiscent of Carlo Scarpa’s Olivetti building.

Photos Bacchus PR

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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