AMO plays with perception for Prada fashion show

MILAN – For Prada’s Spring/Summer 2016 womenswear show, architects Giacomo Ardesio, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli and Giulio Margheri of OMA’s AMO design studio teamed up to investigate the perception of continuous space through an invasion of the ceiling. Iridescent lights illuminate the overhead geometric forms, spreading a synthetic dawn throughout the space.

Plastic sheets with different textures and shapes hang from the ceiling of the show’s brutalist, industrial venue acting as a virtual mould that at once defines the catwalk and separates it from the seating areas. On the floor, concrete seating elements act as a negative of the scene above.

Through the use of light, shape and transparencies, the designers are able to use the fibreglass and polycarbonate stalactites to manipulate the proportions and perspectives of the immense space. At the light of dawn (an effect created with iridescent lights shining through the ceiling), amidst blurred horizons, the models stride across a catwalk whose very boundaries are disturbed by the space’s materiality.

Photos Alberto Moncada, courtesy of OMA


This project appears in our new event design book Happening 2, which features fashion shows, festivals and product launches from across the globe. For more information, and to order your copy, visit this page:

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