Amon Tobin On Tour

Electronic artist Amon Tobin is touring Europe this March. Photo by Calder Wilson.

In Frame #90, we featured three artists and lighting designers who bring dazzling projections and graphics to live concerts.

Alongside Squarepusher and lighting designer Sarah Landau, musician Amon Tobin discussed the intersection of his electronic music with 3D installations and lighting produced by studios Leviathan and V Squared Labs.

'Amon's electronic music immediately conjured some sort of digitial image,' says Heather Shaw of the LA-based V Squared Labs of Tobin's live show. 'Hence the pixels, which worked well. Cubes are really good for composition and light projections - they break things up, creating a good graphic space to design with.'

If you like Tobin's work, you can see him perform live across Europe (and the US) in March, with two shows in the UK, one in Switzerland, and one in Paris. See the full tour dates here.

*You can read more about Tobin and lighting design by purchasing Frame #90, or find it in stores now. Use the Layar app on your smartphone or tablet to access more multimedia content in the latest issue of Frame.*

Photos by JC Jaress, Nathan Seabrook and Calder Wilson.

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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