An Design's moody interior for clothing brand Heike lives in the shadows

A wood-and-metal structure at the centre of Heike accommodates fitting rooms, storage space and a private area for staff.

HANGZHOU – Tucked away on the second floor of a furniture store in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, accessible only via a narrow staircase, Heike feels as if it’s hiding in the shadows. The mood is further intensified by local outfit An’s black-on-black interior, a melancholic palette explored in the March/April 2016 issue’s Frame Lab which explores the health benefits of colour.

A futuristic UFO-like structure sits incongruously as a centrepiece in the sober concrete boutique. Perched on conical columns, the angular wood-and-metal volume accommodates fitting rooms, storage space and a small staff-only area. A similar yet much smaller structure serves as a bar, helping to transform the store into a venue equipped to host art and design exhibitions.

Although glass runs along three sides of the 200sqm shop, much of the light entering through the windows is dampened by suspended clothing displays. Heike’s monochromatic merchandise hangs from backlit panels, an effect that’s duplicated by black wall-mounted luminaires elsewhere in the store. Lighting elements, clothes hangers and mirrors were all custom designed for the project.

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