Andrea Ferrari at Paris Photo

Wild Window #31, 30 x 45 cm, edition 3 + 1, © Andrea Ferrari, courtesy of Michael Hoppen Contemporary

Milan-based Andrea Ferrari didn’t embark on a straightforward entry into photography: he started out as a philosophy graduate before moving on into publishing. Perhaps it is the multidisciplinary nature of his previous study and job experiences that has led to the highly semiotic, heavily symbolic quality of his current work. If you will be at Paris Photo tomorrow, look out for his photographic project, Wild Window, which rehabilitates the sensory magic of 17th-century “cabinets of curiosities” to the riotous circus that is the contemporary art fair. Gasparini describes his images as chronicling “a range of species that have for centuries appeared taxidermied in the windows of antique shops and museum displays, including some of the most important collections of natural science”.

Ferrari’s photographs look slightly drained of colour, a quality that he attributes to “a wish to instill in the viewer a psychological association with skin colour. This is not irrelevant: the intuition of the tonality of our own skin somehow renders these abstract images alive and dense with implications”. As a result, the unusual hues of his images lead one to contemplate our inextricable relationship with nature and its other creatures.

Wild Window has been compiled into a book, published by Kehrer Verlag 2013. 

Paris Photo will run until tomorrow.

Paris Photo, Grand Palais, Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris, France

All images courtesy of the artist and Michael Hoppen Contemporary.

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