Anja Carr at The Agency Gallery

Photograph of performance by Anja Carr, 2010, image courtesy of the artist and NO WAY

Known as one of the most promising performance artists in Oslo, where she is currently based, Anja Carr will be showing her work as part of a two-artist exhibition at The Agency Gallery in Surrey Quays. NO WAY, a London-based independent art label, is responsible for bringing Carr’s psychedelic performances to the UK for the very first time. 

Carr creates psycho-kitsch, transcendental worlds that the observer enters through her surreal and disturbing aesthetic. Conducted in handmade costumes, Carr’s performances draw on the cultural iconography of childhood (inspiration for recent work includes Miss Piggy, Ninja Turtles and My Little Pony), adult subcultures, fetishes and anthropomorphism. Splicing these worlds, Carr builds highly sensory scenes that engulf the viewer and vacillate between the nightmarish and the dreamlike. She explores the limits between fantasy and reality. She also produces high-gloss images of these performances, which are then presented as new narratives that respond to the space in which they are experienced. 

Catch Carr’s performances onwards of 24 May.

The Agency Gallery, 66 Evelyn Street, London SE8 5DD

Images courtesy of the artist and NO WAY.

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